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What is StitchnPour?

StitchnPour has grown out of a love for all things fluid art and crochet art. 


Venessa has been crocheting since she was in the sixth grade.  She has made various items throughout the years.  One project she is passionate about is the octopi she makes and donates to the local NICU.  The proceeds from her art sales go to fund her donations to the NICU. 


About a year ago Venessa took her first class in acrylic fluid art.  She fell in love with the art form.  It is always exciting to see what the outcome of each piece will be.  You can plan and think you know what will happen but then the magic happens and something new is created.   She decided that more people should know the joy of creating a piece of art.  It doesn't require any formal training to be successful. Each piece is unique.  If you would be interested in taking a class just click this link to contact Venessa, or head over to the class schedule and see what is available. 


Just hanging out waiting to meet our new friends at the NICU

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